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Simple Science Based Tips To Fall Asleep Fast cortisol sleep stress Jun 18, 2024

If you struggle with getting to sleep, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! I'm going to show you some small tweaks you can make for the best night's sleep along with a guide on how to plan your day for optimal rest and recovery.

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Full of stress and cortisol? Not fur-long! cortisol micro strategies resiliency stress Jun 12, 2023

Stress has become an unwelcome companion for many of us.

What if I told you there's a delightful and scientifically backed solution to combat stress and cortisol that involves...watching adorable cat videos??? It's the purrr-fect solution.


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All Revved up and No Place to Go: Thanks Stress and Cortisol cortisol play it out stress Apr 25, 2022

Cortisol can make you blow a gasket in your heart, brain or G.I. tract.

Watch this video to see what happens when your stress system is stuck in high gear and how you can downshift it.


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What is cortisol?

I want you to think of...

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