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Resiliency Challenge: Pull Your Trigger change messages Dec 31, 2011

Odds are, you may have made a commitment this week to change some of your current habits and routines.  Habits are hard to break because by their very nature they are non-conscious, and we don't think much about them.  In order to add some consciousness, set up a trigger to remind you...

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Resiliency Challenge: Make Your Gratitude List change messages Dec 26, 2011

Every year around this time I start reflecting on the past 365 days and conduct a mental summary of everything positive that's happened.  This year I decided to take things a step further by actually sitting down and writing all the things I was grateful for.

I've posted on the importance of...

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Resiliency Challenge: Hara Hachi Bu messages plate it out Dec 04, 2011

Treadmill summary:  I worked for 50 minutes, walked 2.27 miles and burned 220 calories.  WHILE WORKING.  In contrast sitting burns 5 calories an hour, and you become more sluggish and disengaged the longer you sit there.

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Six Goal Setting Tips + One Crazy Face change plate it out Dec 02, 2011

In still photo grabs I am the female version of Jim Carey - apparently I do nothing other than make crazy faces while I talk.  Good thing I'm a public speaker.

Anyway, here's this month's Health & Fitness segment from NBC KARE 11.  Enjoy!

  • BE SPECIFIC. When deciding on a goal, be...
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