Resiliency Challenge: Hara Hachi Bu messages plate it out Dec 05, 2011

Treadmill summary:  I worked for 50 minutes, walked 2.27 miles and burned 220 calories.  WHILE WORKING.  In contrast sitting burns 5 calories an hour, and you become more sluggish and disengaged the longer you sit there.

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Six Goal Setting Tips + One Crazy Face change messages Dec 03, 2011

In still photo grabs I am the female version of Jim Carey - apparently I do nothing other than make crazy faces while I talk.  Good thing I'm a public speaker.

Anyway, here's this month's Health & Fitness segment from NBC KARE 11.  Enjoy!

  • BE SPECIFIC. When deciding on a goal, be...
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Resiliency Challenge: On the Phone = On Your Feet control messages Nov 28, 2011

This week's challenge is an easy one: any time you're on the phone, you're standing or walking. You'll have better energy levels than sitting all day and standing burns 33% more calories.

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Resiliency Challenge Launch: Eat Only REAL FOOD for Breakfast messages plate it out Nov 21, 2011

I'm very excited to be launching a series of Weekly Challenges around resiliency, nutrition and exercise. Often times making small, sustainable changes can make a bigger impact on your health and performance than a huge change that can't be sustained. My hope is that you may be able to make some...

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