You’re “Stomaching” Stress More Than You Think chemistry messages Aug 27, 2014

Do you ever find that no matter how much you exercise regularly or eat healthy, there's that bit of stomach fat you just cannot get rid of? You may think you got dealt a lousy genetic hand when it came to fat distribution, but what you might not know is that chronic fat around your midsection is...

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How Glycemic Index Affects Resiliency plate it out Aug 21, 2014


The glycemic index is an invaluable tool in making snack and meal choices. Choosing foods that are lower glycemic can help to:

  • stabilize blood glucose levels
  • minimize stress on the body
  • reduce body fat
  • fuel the brain for optimal performance
  • balance energy
  • improve...
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Swap It, Don’t Stop It control Aug 11, 2014

When trying to make healthy changes to our diets we may think we have to completely cut out many of the foods we enjoy. Unfortunately, cutting out the things we love often means we don’t keep the changes for very long because it makes Sneaky Pete totally freak out!

Instead of...

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Control Your Environment with Optimal Defaults control Aug 11, 2014

Many of us don't recognize that our environments unconsciously impact our rate of success or failure in making lasting change. Sneaky Pete is highly influenced by his external environment, and advanced brain doesn’t recognize that fact.

Your advanced brain says you simply have to stop...

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The Secret to Making Change? Your Inner Caveman change Aug 11, 2014

Why do we vow at 8:30 a.m. not to eat any more sweets, yet at 3:30 p.m. we’ve got our hands in a co-worker’s candy stash?

Why do we sign up for a gym membership we rarely use?

Why do we say we’re going to remain calm and rational during an intense meeting, but twenty minutes...

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14 Proven (And Simple) Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Are you having a hard time GETTING to sleep or STAYING asleep? Or god forbid...BOTH?


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