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Sitting = Perhaps The Most Dangerous Thing You Do Each Day messages play it out Sep 14, 2010

study recently published by the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the time we spend on our butts is associated with an increased risk of mortality, regardless of our physical activity level.  Hitting the gym every day might do little to decrease our risk of death...

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Me vs. Arthritis: Who Will Come Out On Top? change messages Aug 26, 2010

p>I just got back from my run and it felt like Julie Moss' 1982 Ironman Hawaii finish (except for the part where my bowels release).

I've contemplated blogging about this for quite a while, but didn't want to come across as a whiner.....but after today's run I need to vent. I've been...

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If There Were No Consequences…. messages Aug 23, 2010

If you could do any one of the following things without worrying about its effect on your health, which would you choose?

  • Eating whatever you want
  • Never exercising
  • Getting a good tan
  • Smoking
  • Drinking as much alcohol as you want


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Productivity: What’s On Your List? messages Aug 15, 2010

I apologize for not posting since July (July? How did THAT happen?). August has been one of my busiest months for traveling and speaking and between keeping the day-to-day of the business running, being a mom, (to a 10 year old out of school for the summer) significant other, and staying...

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The Most Important Piece of Exercise Equipment? Your Calendar. change messages Jul 26, 2010

I was recently doing a speaking engagement for a group of Fortune 500 executives in the technology sector and we were talking about how regular exercise improves cognitive performance, focus, energy, and resiliency.  One of them raised their hand and asked "I know you travel a lot, so how do...

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