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Update on Year of the Shark: Persistent or an Idiot? Jun 27, 2022

We consulted migration maps and moon phases. Our next best bet to find whale sharks was Belize.

Did persistence pay off? Or are we feeling like idiots...again.

Watch and find out.


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Feeling Exhausted? Join the Do Nothing Challenge! energy resiliency Jun 13, 2022

Can you do nothing? I bet you can't! Doing nothing - with intention - is a high-quality tool for energy recovery. But the vast majority of my audiences struggle with it.

I just got called out and challenged to do more of nothing. I’m going to challenge you as well.

Watch and join.


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Facing Your Fears: Courageous or an Idiot? resiliency May 31, 2022

We just had a sketchy experience on vacation where afterward we were laughing about whether we were courageous or complete can be a fine line.

Watch to find out what happened and cast your vote!


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Your formula for bliss bliss molecules chemistry May 23, 2022

Some days we’re feeling off…we might be less motivated, more negative or plagued by doubt. 

Here's a quick cheat sheet of what you can do to start feeling more of how you WANT to be feeling. 

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Take Control of Your Stress chemistry play it out stress May 17, 2022

Stress happens to all of us, but it doesn't have to get the best of you. Here's how to take control of your stress and be more resilient.


Check this out if you want more ways to Play it Out.


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Stress is a chemical event that...

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