If You’re Just Starting A Fitness Program (Again) messages Dec 06, 2008

I don't mean for the title of this to be rude - it happens to all of us at some point. In order to prevent exercise from being a completely negative experience (I know some of you may already be laughing at that statement, but that's a whole other entry), take it slow and be sure to stretch...

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Getting Over Obstacles messages Nov 28, 2008

You need to know that I never considered myself very athletic. In elementary school I was usually chosen next to last for any physical ed game, I got the "I Tried" ribbon EVERY year in the Presidential Physical Fitness testing, had stitches in my head numerous times, and was made to wear...

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14 Proven (And Simple) Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Are you having a hard time GETTING to sleep or STAYING asleep? Or god forbid...BOTH?


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