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Three Sage Pieces of Advice messages May 13, 2009

I was having a lunch meeting the other week with someone in the wellness space and they asked me: "If you had to give just 3 recommendations for people, what would they be?"  I thought this was a great question and here was my answer:

1.  MOVE MORE.  Too much time is...

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KARE 11 Links messages May 06, 2009

Here are some resources and links from today's fitness segment on

KARE 11's Showcase Minnesota:


Jawaahir Dance Company & The Cassandra School Three locations in the Twin Cities - Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington

Sahar School of Middle Eastern Dance Classes are...

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I promise this is not Amway… messages May 05, 2009

I know that a lot of you have told your friends and colleagues about Hit the Deck™ and they have gone on to purchase their own deck.  Thank you very much and I appreciate the word of mouth advertising and referrals.  PowerHouse started over 15 years ago and has grown by offering...

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Hey – that’s N.E.A.T.! messages Apr 29, 2009

I love how the universe works (except for when I'm being impatient).  A year ago I came across an article featuring a physician at the Mayo Clinic by the name of James Levine, M.D., Ph.D., who was studying the positive affects of what he calls "N.E.A.T." or non-exercise activity...

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I got a shout out on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me messages Apr 24, 2009

I was recently quoted in an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune entitled "Get Your Obama Biceps Here", which was picked up by National Public Radio's show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me.

Click on the PowerHouse Performance Coaching Press link to read the article and hear the radio spot.

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